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jQuery: A Really Simple Introduction

Sometimes, before you get into the intricacies of a subject, you just was a really simple, conceptual overview of what it involves.

This video provides a simple introduction to jQuery, looking a what it is and how it is added to a page to create an extra layer of functionality. It is part of a series. You can view a list of all the videos on the “Really Simple” Series page.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/p4v4bBXxwmA?rel=0


Here are some links to useful resources that complement this video.

Online CSS Resources

The following sites provide useful beginning information about jQuery:

Books and Courses

Here are a few books and online courses worth checking out:

Some nice jQuery scripts

Here are a some nice jQuery scripts that you download and use on your site:

Other useful links

A few more links worth checking out:

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